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The Fashion you Desire.Believe.Wear.

Blackthread is about lifestyle. From the beach to the office and anywhere in between, Blackthread will be with you in every occasion. Blackthread will take you anywhere...

Who We Are

Blackthread is Established in 2000,under the banner of Anjum Trading Co. An Indian brand has become synonymous with quality and style. An authentic menswear label with a rich heritage and a loyal following, BLAZER, SUITS, COATS etc.. incorporates style into the functional requirements of everyday menswear, whilst maintaining an accessible price.
Blackthread.in is a global online fashion wholesale company. We are a leading online wholesale supplier of men's clothing. We are committed to provide a one stop wholesale and retail service for our customers all over the india with a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at a favorable price. From 2000 to now, we have been supplying goods to more than 100 fashion dress wholesale customers worldwide.
Blackthread.in has been an Indian leading Internet fashion wholesale company among many ".in". It is because we always insist to render trustful and high quality services to our customers and we believe these are the most important factors to retain our long-term business partners.
BLAZER is modern and confident, choosing to capture the essence of the changing seasons through colour rather than the latest fad. With a strong focus on quality and functionality, BLAZER has built its success on sincerity and a no-nonsense attitude which always delivers on its promise.