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Shipping and Delivery Status

When you place an order on blackthread.in, we'll send you an email confirmation to let you know when it's been shipped and is headed on its way to you.

To check the delivery status of your order, visit the Order Status page on shopnpik.com and type in your order number . You can also log into blackthread.in, click on "My Account" in the top right corner of the page and select the appropriate order for tracking information. We cannot determine exact delivery time, but we can tell you if your order has been shipped, and whether any problems with it have been reported to us. For more specific delivery details, please refer to your order.

Processing means we've received your order and are in the process of filling it. Shipped means we've filled this portion of your order. It's on the delivery truck and will be delivered soon. Item(s) Not Available means this portion of your order was not filled. A Customer Service Representative from blackhread will be contacting you with more details. Canceled means the order was canceled by either the customer or by blackthread. A Customer Service Representative from Staples will be contacting you with more details. Shipping from Store means your order is being filled and shipped from a local blackthread retail store in your geographic area. (This option has limited availability at this time.)

If you don't receive your order by 5:00 pm on the scheduled delivery date, let us know. Keep in mind that UPS may deliver to residential addresses until 7:00 pm.

First check your order and shipment confirmation emails to determine if your missing item is scheduled to ship separately. If your missing item was scheduled to arrive with other items, but was missing, please contact Customer Service for assistance.